Exploration Tower in Cape Canaveral, FL

Exploration Tower in Port Canaveral
Mar 03 2016

Exploration Tower in Cape Canaveral, FL

Exploration Tower is a beautiful architectural work in Port Canaveral, FL. With observation decks, exhibits for the whole family, an auditorium, eatery, gift shop, and more, the Exploration Tower is a captivating stop when visiting Port Canaveral, FL. It’s especially wonderful if you time your visit along with a rocket launch from the nearby space center, as well as during times where the cruise ships are coming or going from Port Canaveral.

Hosting Events at Exploration Tower

We often accommodate beach weddings here at the Cape Winds Resort, and a wonderful location for your wedding reception is one of the floors of Exploration Tower. They offer a wide selection of options for your reception, including a variety of approved and licensed caterers that give you standard wedding reception offerings, as well as some options outside of the standard, such as BBQ dinners. You can also choose to have a reception outdoors under the stars in this beautiful location.

The Place to Watch a Rocket Launch

From the 7th floor of Exploration Tower, the views of a rocket launch at Kennedy Space Center will amaze you. Exploration Tower also provides high-powered telescopes along the promenade, so staying after the launch leaves a nighttime filled with star gazing and visual space exploration.

Learn about Cape Canaveral

The many exhibits at Exploration Tower are centered on the area—from the history to the wildlife in the area.  There are movies to watch about how Port Canaveral came to be, too. One of the best things you can do while here at the Cape Winds Resort? Head over to Exploration Tower and drive a (virtual reality) cruise ship through Canaveral Harbor!

Exploration Tower is worth visiting. You’ve probably seen it before while visiting Fishlips or other Port Canaveral restaurants. It’s the very interesting looking building just down the road. It’s also just a five-minute drive from the Cape Winds Resort to Exploration Tower, making it a quick trip when you are looking for something to do.


Steve Wright, Property Manager at the Cape Winds Resort

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