Delivery and Take-out Food in Cape Canaveral, FL

Apr 04 2016

Delivery and Take-out Food in Cape Canaveral, FL

Ordering take-out is a great way to change up your dining experience here at the Cape Winds Resort. All of our condos come with a fully-equipped kitchen, but when the weather is beautiful and the days are shorter than they should be, there’s nothing like getting extra time at the beach by letting one of the area’s highly rated restaurants do the cooking for you!

Many restaurants in both Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach will deliver right to your condo (or, if you wanted, you could meet them at the front door). Everyone around here is familiar with the Cape Winds Resort, and the selection of food delivery options runs from pizza and pasta to seafood and steaks and authentic ethnic foods. If a restaurant doesn’t deliver, they are all just a short drive (or walk) away from the resort and wouldn’t take much time to get to.

If you’re considering getting take-out or food delivered to your condo at the Cape Winds Resort, we’d like to recommend some of our favorite restaurants. (With so many appealing restaurants and eateries in the Cape Canaveral area, this list is not inclusive of all of our favorites):


Cape Canaveral take-out food or food delivery is a great way to save yourself some time, enjoy some wonderful Space Coast food, and cut down on clean-up. If you’re feeling lazy (which is encouraged here at the Cape Winds Resort), give one of these or another local restaurant a try.


Steve Wright, Property Manager at the Cape Winds Resort

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