Cape Winds Resort Condo Rentals Cape Canaveral FL

Your Vacation Condo at the Cape Winds Resort

A perfect getaway any time of the year.

Our vacation condo rentals are designed to provide you and your guests with everything you’ll need while staying in Cape Canaveral, FL. From in-suite, fully-equipped kitchens and central air conditioning to free wireless Internet and cable television, we hope that whatever condo you choose for your beach vacation is perfect for you, your friends, or your family.

We want your vacation in Cape Canaveral to be amazing. We have a wide variety of condos available from which to choose, and we encourage you to browse until you find the one that’s perfect for you. They all provide the same great advantages that you’ll come to love about your stay at the Cape Winds Resort, but each is decorated to different tastes and each has its own character. If you’re having any difficulties choosing a condo, if you have questions about our resort, or just questions in general, send us an email and we’ll be glad to help you find the right vacation condo here at the Cape Winds Resort.

Our Vacation Condo Rentals at the Cape Winds Resort

5th Floor Two-bedroom/Two-bath Condo Rentals
5th Floor One-bedroom/Two-bath Condo Rentals
4th Floor Two-bedroom/Two-bath Condo Rentals
4th Floor One-bedroom/Two-bath Condo Rentals
3rd Floor Two-bedroom/Two-bath Condo Rentals
3rd Floor One-bedroom/Two-bath Condo Rentals
2nd Floor Two-bedroom/Two-bath Condo Rentals
2nd Floor One-bedroom/Two-bath Condo Rentals
1st Floor Two-bedroom/Two-bath Condo Rentals
1st Floor One-bedroom/Two-bath Condo Rentals
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