Vacation Condo Rental Rates in Cape Canaveral, FL
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Vacation Condo Rental Rates in Cape Canaveral, FL

Booking Availability at Cape Winds

Upcoming Availablilty
  • Updated availability.  As of December 2017
  • We have limited availability for January 2018, as well as a few weekly spots left open during March.
  • Still plenty of availability for April on thru the summer and fall of 2018

Our Rates at the Cape Winds Resort

We're dedicated to providing the best value in all of Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral, FL

Providing the best prices to our guests is absolutely important to us here at the Cape Winds Resort. When we built this complex, we desired to create a truly unforgettable location so that our guests will always remember and return to the Cape Winds Resort. While we’re well aware that we could charge more for our condo rentals, we want to be sure that our beautiful resort is available to hard-working people and families throughout the world. Florida, to us, should be a place of unforgettable beauty, sunshine, magic (Disney World), relaxation, food, sport, beaches, and nature. We want you to come here. We want you to enjoy your stay, love our resort, and have enough money left over to explore all the beautiful offerings our area provides. We designed this resort to be the perfect foundation to a dream-come-true vacation, and we want you to enjoy the value you’re getting when you stay here. We do know we could charge double what we ask for, but all we’d do is take away this beautiful location from those who deserve it the most. We know how hard you work and how much you want your family to experience luxurious, worry-free vacations. We know what it means to have a pristine heated pool calling to you every evening. We understand how nice it is to have a fully-stocked kitchen and a private balcony to enjoy dinner with your friends and family. These ideals are why we built the Cape Winds Resort. We believe ourselves to be the very best resort value in Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach, and we invite you to come and find out why.

One Bedroom Rates
  • January thru April weekly rate is $1095.00 
  • May is $ 695.00 per week
  • June is $ 795.00 per week
  • July is $ 895.00 per week
  • August thru November is $695.00 per week
  • December is $ 795.00 per week
  • Exit cleaning fee is $ 60.00
  • We honor the Government per diem for all corporate travelers with the proper ID.


7 night minimum stay. Discounts offered for stays longer than 10 nights.

  • 1 bedroom monthly rates range from $1995.00 to $2695.00 per month
  • 12 % sales tax on all rates
  • No pets allowed.
Two Bedroom Rates
  • January thru April is $195.00 per night
  • May is $ 149.00 per night
  • June is $159.00 per night
  • July rate is $169.00 per night
  • August thru December is $149.00 per night
  • Exit cleaning fee is included in these rates
  • We honor the Government per diem for all corporate travelers with the proper ID.


7 night minimum stay. Discounts offered for stays longer than 10 nights.

  • 2 bedroom Jan-Feb-March monthly rates range from $2795.00 to $3395.00
  • 12 % sales tax on all rates
  • No pets allowed

We ask that you contact Steve Wright, the on-site property manager, for all bookings. Why? Well, instead of booking directly with our website, we can get creative and provide solutions for your perfect vacation when you contact us directly. Perhaps you’d like to stay an extra day or have special requests? Maybe there’s something you’d really love about your stay and we can help you with that once we know your request–after all, our property manager knows each condo and its offerings very well.

  • All rates are subject to tourist tax of 12%
  • We require a valid credit card to hold all reservations. Nothing is charged until arrival.
  • We honor the current Government corporate per diem for any contractor with valid company ID.
Our Cancellation Policy

Rental cancellation policy:

If you cancel 45 days or less, prior to your scheduled arrival date, the credit card we have on file will be charged the full amount of your stay. If we are able to re-rent the unit for the same terms and conditions, we will refund you in full. If we are able to re-rent the unit for a portion of your terms , we will refund the difference to you. We’re usually able to re-rent units for some, if not all of the cancelled dates during the winter months, depending how much notice we are given. Weekly rentals during March, April and July are also a little easier to re-rent if given enough notice. If you cancel 46 or more days prior to arrival, their is no cancellation fee.

Contact us to book your condo at the Cape Winds Resort today!